Blood In The Urine – Causes, Danger Elements, Analysis, Therapy And Preventive Measures

Blood In The Urine? Right here’s What You Want To Know

Blood within the urine can point out a severe well being downside and shouldn’t be ignored. Right here’s every thing it is advisable learn about the issue.

Haematuria is the medical time period for blood within the urine, which will be attributable to a variety of components. Blood within the urine can point out a extreme well being concern, even when there are only a few traces or a single incidence, and ignoring it might probably worsen severe sicknesses together with most cancers and kidney illness.

The presence of pink blood cells causes gross haematuria, leading to pink, pink, or cola-coloured urine. Though the bleeding is normally painless and with out signs, passing blood clots within the urine is likely to be painful.

Causes Of Urine In Blood

Haematuria will be attributable to quite a lot of sicknesses and illnesses like infections, kidney sickness, most cancers, and unusual blood issues are amongst them. Consumption of sure medicines, equivalent to laxatives, or particular meals, like beets, rhubarb, or berries, are different causes for a darkish/ totally different colored urine.

Stones: Crystals fashioned within the urine because of the minerals in it, would possibly trigger giant stones to provide a blockage, resulting in haematuria and extreme ache.

Enlarged prostate: An enlarged prostate, urgent down on the urethra is a standard reason behind haematuria in middle-aged and older males.

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Kidney illness: Though a much less prevalent trigger, Haematuria will be attributable to a broken or irritated kidney and may come up by itself or along side one other sickness, equivalent to diabetes. It can be attributable to the kidney situation post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis in kids aged 6 to 10.

Most cancers: Blood within the urine will be attributable to superior most cancers of the bladder, kidney, or prostate. It’s doable that there aren’t any early warning alerts of an issue.

If one notices blood of their urine, search medical consideration instantly.

Danger Elements Of Blood In The Urine

Purple blood cells will be abnormally discovered within the urine of just about everyone, together with kids and youngsters. That is extra seemingly as a result of following components:

Age: Due to an enlarged prostate gland, many males over the age of fifty get haematuria once in a while.

Latest infections: One of the frequent causes of seen urine blood in kids is kidney irritation following viral or bacterial an infection (post-infectious glomerulonephritis).

Household Historical past: If one has a household historical past of kidney sickness or kidney stones, they is likely to be extra prone to urine bleeding.

Drugs: Urinary bleeding is thought to be elevated by aspirin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ache medicines, and antibiotics like penicillin.

Workouts: Train-induced urine bleeding is extra frequent in long-distance runners, generally known as jogger’s haematuria.


The assessments and exams listed beneath are vital in figuring out the explanation for blood in your urine:

  • A bodily examination can be carried out, together with a dialogue of 1’s medical historical past.
  • Urine assessments: Even when the bleeding was recognized by bare eyes, one will nearly definitely want one other take a look at to confirm if the urine nonetheless comprises pink blood cells. A urinalysis can even detect a urinary tract an infection or minerals that may trigger kidney stones.
  • Imaging assessments: Discovering the supply of haematuria steadily necessitates an imaging take a look at. A CT or MRI scan, in addition to an ultrasound examination, could also be beneficial.
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Relying on the trigger, therapy for haematuria could embody medicines to treatment a urinary tract an infection, prescription medicine to lower an enlarged prostate, or shock wave remedy to interrupt up bladder or kidney stones, whereas sure circumstances don’t necessitate any therapy in any respect.

Preventive Measures

Stopping haematuria entails addressing the basis causes:

  • To keep away from infections, drink loads of water daily, urinate proper after sexual contact, and preserve your arms clear.
  • Keep away from smoking
  • Decrease toxin publicity

(The article is contributed by Dr Prem Kumar, Marketing consultant – Urology, Uro-oncology, Andrology, Transplant & Robotic Surgical procedure, Fortis Hospitals, Rajajinagar)

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